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MarX Publications

All of our products can be purchased from our on-line store by clicking the link above.

MarX Publications Bringing you quality therapy materials Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible.
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MarX Publications

Our great Special Education products are here!

EASI Books:

The monthly series of EASI books contains activities that incorporate seasonal and thematic units, with many of the activities having several levels and multiple formats. Areas covered include semantics, syntax, pragmatics, auditory processing, and articulation.
For more information or to see the table of contents and the goals and objectives visit the the EASI books web page http://www.easibooks.com

WordCard Software:

Word Card Software is a multipurpose early literacy software program that will produce word recognition worksheets, Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) sheets, Bingo boards, and an illustrated poem coloring book that teaches short vowels.
For more information or to see the online video tutorials visit the WordCard web page http://www.wordcardsoftware.com


A Quick and easy way to help students learn their targeted sounds.
Uses tactile, kinesthetic, and visual stimuli to help students with the production of sounds in isolation, syllables, and words.
In each Hands-On Speech packet you will receive a set of cardstock hands that presents commonly misarticulated sounds in isolation, syllables and words. You will also receive a metal ring to attach the hands. You may add your own words and pictures to existing hands or make your own hands for additional sounds, syllables, and words with a template that is included. (Lamination available for an extra fee.)
For more information visit the hands-on-speech page hands-on-speech

Oher products include the RAN demo CD and RAN letter cards
From more information on our products click on the Products link above.